How to choose the perfect domain name for your e-shop in 2022.

How to choose the perfect domain name for your e-shop

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Domain name can make or break a site. Read time-tested tips on how to choose the best domain name to maximize success.

Time-tested tips on how to pick a perfect domain name.

  • For Greece get .gr extension
  • Greek, greeklish or English?
  • Check domain history
  • Check availability on social media
  • Check for trademarks
  • Choose a name that is easy to pronounce, spell and remember
  • Don’t over-stuff with keywords
  • Avoid number and dashes
  • Purchase various extension of your domain
  • Use a domain name generator

Domain name is the online address of your e-shop.It is one of the first things your potential customers notice when visiting your website. While choosing a perfect domain name can be tricky due to the limited availability of short and easy domain name, it can be done if you follow several time-tested tips.

Choosing the right domain is critical to the success of your store for several reasons:

  • It is the first things your visitor notice and as you very well know – first impressions matter! It is equally true for online world. Choosing a domain name that is understandable and easy to remember will help your customers come back to the store time and time again.
  • It affects SEO. It is true that the new Google AI algorithm is moving beyond key words, having important keywords in your url structure is still a powerful signal to both search engines and your potential customers.
  • It represents your brand. To customer, your domain name is basically the name of your shop. It is how they reference it to their friends. And once it is out there and you have generated some traffic, it is not so easy to change.

Here are some time-tested tip on how to pick a perfect domain name.

For Greece get .gr extension

In Greece more than 80% of people prefer t shop from .gr shops. So if you are targeting Greek market invest in the .gr extension. If you target international, then .com is preffered.

Greek, greeklish or English?

Greek, greeklish or English? While there is no official advice from google against domains in greek language, there are still some issues with using such domain, especially when sharing a page on social media. Everyone has likely come across a link that looks like this : %CF%80%CF%81%CE%BF%CF%84%CE%BF%CF%83%CF%84%CE%B1%CF%81. This happens because some systems support a character set, which includes only Latin characters. So in order to understand other languages, each letter has been assigned a code eg letter π is equal to %CF%80. Suffice to say, when URL is encoded like that it becomes really long and impossible to read. So we are left with english or greeklish. Theoretically it does not matter which you will choose, however, some of the most popular native greek sites have greeklish domains. This could be because greeks will search in greeklish or greek language, so the query will map onto the domain exactly.

Check domain history

This is IMPORTANT! Image you find a really good domain and you feel super lucky thinking to yourself ” how on earth nobody thought of it before?!”. Actually, it is quite possible that someone did. A usual story with older website, is that someone buys a domain, creates a website, which gets hacked and domain has all sorts of penalties on it. The owners who were not able to resolve the issue, give up on the project, domain expires and goes up for sale again. However, all those penalties and bad links on the internet still exist, and you do not want them affect your e-shop. If you want to know how to check a domain, read our previous article: Important! Audit a domain before buying it.

Check availability on social media

Check availability on social media. It is best to use the same name on social media as your domain name. So once you have found your name, check if this name is taken on all the channels you will create accounts for your business. The are online services to help you:

Check for trademarks

To avoid legal issues, check if the name has been trademarked. you can use online tools such as Simply enter your potential domain name and click Check It. The platform will search over 25 of the most popular social platforms and check whether your domain is trademarked.

Choose a name that is easy to pronounce, spell and remember

Think how will people refer to your e-shop. How will they tell their friends about it?

Don't over-stuff with keywords

Everyone knows keywords are important. However, with the recent advances in AI ( artificial intelligence ) and the ever involving Google search algorithm, the role of keywords is not as dominant as it once was. Google will scan the content on your page and make its own conclusions, rather than trusting any keyword you have put in the URL. Consensus is that domain should reflect the brand. Of course if keywords align with the content on your page, that is the perfect scenario. Keep in mind that google has a vast database of synonyms, so you can get away with using alternatives to your keywords.
Another good tip is to use localization eg koureastiskifisias

Avoid number and dashes

This is simply because it is harder to remember. Also anyone that purchases same domain without the dash will get all your traffic when user forgets to write the hyphen ( which happens A LOT )

Purchase various extension of your domain

This is not always necessary, but in cases where you will get traffic from abroad it is a good idea to buy .com as well as your local extension. You do not want anyone impersonating you or riding on the coat tails of your brand.

Use a domain name generator

It is easy to get stuck when trying to find a domain name. There are several online tools that can help you if you find yourself are in a creative stand still.,


A domain name is your identity online. It may either help or break your business.

Buying a domain name is easy but choosing a right one requires some research and patience.

Follow tips in this article on your quest for a perfect domain name.

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